ERM Survey Report: Finding Value in Corporate Responsibility

Source: , 13 November 2015

In April 2015, ERM surveyed select clients and other companies to collect feedback on their corporate responsibility (CR) reporting process. The survey focused on a narrow set of topics that our clients have asked about and where there is limited research to date:

  • The nature and extent of the business value derived from the CR reporting process
  • Opportunities to make the reporting process more efficient
  • Uptake and perspectives on the GRI G4 guidelines

Respondents represented a wide range of organizations, industries and experience in reporting. Further data on the respondents is available in the report.

ERM’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey found as the reporting landscape continues to evolve, companies are finding new ways to leverage corporate responsibility reporting to benefit their business and advance their sustainability programs. Most strikingly, respondents felt that the process used to produce the report was as valuable, if not more valuable, than publishing the report itself. At the same time, many respondents indicated that there are still ample opportunities to increase the value extracted from the reporting process and to make the overall process more efficient.

Download ERM’s full report on our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey