Why should you present your CSR reports on this website?

  • You have not for nothing invested in the preparation and publication of an annual (integral) sustainability report. You want to fullfill the growing interest of stakeholders in more than just the financial performance of your organization. In short: you want to report anyway also read a lot and offer among the general public.
  • This website exists since 1999 and enjoys a great reputation. Interested people in sustainability information from companies manage to find this website easily and thus does ”sells” your report!
  • The site ranks top in the various search engines and on numerous other relevant websites (such as in the fields of investing, sustainability and environment, business) this site is actively linked
  • Newly added annual reports are automatically annonced via social media (Twitter)

What does it cost?

The costs of participation are kept very limited to make the service also of interest for small organizations and is only € 275, – per year. (For Dutch companies this includes also presenting on, the Dutch portal).

Online ordering

You can order here directly online for 1 year participation:

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  • Invoice details (if different from company details)