New CSR Europe and GRI publication on the implementation of the EU directive for non-financial information

Source: , 22 November 2017

CSR Europe and GRI, in collaboration with Accountancy Europe, are pleased to announce their latest publication mapping the Member State Implementation of the EU Directive for non-financial reporting.

Over the last months we have engaged with several stakeholders throughout Europe to gather, analyse and check information on the local transpositions of the EU Directive 2014/95.

Who has supported the collection of information per each country?

  • Member States ministries
  • 23 CSR Europe national partner organisations
  • 4 additional organisations

Why a publication on non-financial reporting in Europe?

The publication is a conclusive milestone in the follow up on the EU Directive transposition across member states, and a beginning for a meaningful dialogue about the implementation of European regulations on non-financial reporting. The publication is created to support companies and relevant stakeholders to review some of the criteria of the transposed laws, and to easily access the original documents for proper assessment of the legal requirements.

What can you find in the publication?

  • Overview requirements of the transposed national laws concerning the Directive 2014/95/EU in each of the Member States
  • Mapping similarities and differences across transposed laws
  • Provide an overview of EU policy context related to non-financial reporting

Beside and beyond the publication, collaboration between stakeholders in Europe will continue to boost non-financial reporting as a tool for companies, and to improve their contribution towards the sustainable development agenda.

Please find the publication here (pdf)