Reporting 3.0: Progress Toward a More Common Definition of True Materiality

Source: SustainableBrands, 22 November 2016

Drawing on the work of Reporting 3.0 – in particular, its Reporting Blueprint and forthcoming Accounting Blueprint – this panel on the final afternoon of New Metrics ‘16 facilitated an animated discussion on true materiality, exploring the broad range of definitions of materiality, and whether they may coalesce into a more common definition or continue to be disparate for different audiences.

Bill Baue, co-founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation, started the conversation by giving a brief description of Reporting 3.0 – a multi-stakeholder community generating knowledge to design future-fit reporting in a neutral, pre-competitive space – and questioned the gap between the state of current reporting practices and where reporting is not serving its true function.

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