Survey of integrated reports in South Africa

Source: IIRC, 24 August 2016

EY published a survey of integrated reports from South Africa’s top 100 JSE listed companies and top ten state-owned companies.

Over the past few years, it became clear that financial statements did not tell the whole story of the company’s performance. Companies therefore started reporting on their environmental impacts, employee-related issues and corporate social responsibility issues in a separate report often referred to as a sustainability report that accompanied the financial information distributed to shareholders.

Since 2010, all companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) have been required to produce an Integrated Report, in line with the requirements of King III.

EY commissioned the Excellence in Integrated Reporting Survey for the last five years in order to encourage excellence in the quality of integrated reporting to investors and other stakeholders by South Africa’s top companies and state-owned companies.

You can read the report here.