Testing, testing: seeking your feedback on the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit pilot

Source: , 28 March 2017

The pilot version of the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit is out today. It’s an online interactive database that helps businesses find the right tools to measure and value natural capital as they use the Natural Capital Protocol and Sector Guides.

The Toolkit is designed to help businesses measure and value natural capital by consolidating the wealth of tools available for natural capital measurement and valuation.

  • The Toolkit puts all existing tools in the context of the Natural Capital Protocol – a standardized international framework for conducing natural capital assessments. This helps businesses understand which tools to use, for what and when.
  • The Toolkit will be regularly updated to ensure it reflects the fast-growing number of tools available. This will help businesses stay on the cutting edge of developments in natural capital.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is proud to be leading this work with the Natural Capital Coalition as our strategic partner, and with input from a multidisciplinary Advisory Group.

Check out the pilot version today, and tell us what you think so that we can further improve the next version.

Feedback is accepted until 27 April: www.naturalcapitaltoolkit.org.