The importance of sustainability accounting and reporting in assessing a firm: A student’s perspective

Source: Accounting Today, 31 January 2017

Accounting students have the arduous task of learning how to prepare and analyze financial reports. Like other users of financial data, they may wonder if the numbers alone are enough to evaluate a firm. From the perspective of millennials, issues regarding quality of life, the environment and social responsibility are important considerations above and beyond the “bottom line” in their overall perspective and in the assessment of firms.

Accordingly, sustainability accounting and reporting is not only on the horizon as an upcoming mandate for businesses in the United States, but it also seems to be in alignment with the priorities of millennials who are next generation of accounting professionals.

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Photo: Janice Nunziato displaying her research poster on sustainability accounting and reporting at the Mount Saint Mary College “iRoc” independent research on campus event.
By Tracey J. Niemotko