The public consultation period for the GRI draft Sector Standard: Oil and Gas is now open

Source: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), 8 July 2020

The Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB), GRI’s independent standard-setting body, is pleased to announce that the exposure draft of the Sector Standard: Oil and Gas, is now open for public comment until 6 October 2020.  

As the first draft Sector Standard to be released for public exposure, this is a unique opportunity for you to provide input on the value, clarity, and feasibility of the proposed concept for the Sector Standards. In addition we are seeking your feedback on the completeness and relevance of the oil and gas content, based on the sector’s most significant impacts.

The Sector Program is developing standards that are specific to certain sectors, which identify and describe their most meaningful impacts from a sustainable development perspective. Sector Standards are intended to focus sustainability reporting on what matters most, as well as reflect stakeholder expectations for a sector’s sustainability reporting. The oil and gas sector has been prioritized because of the widely documented impacts of the sector across economic, environmental, and social dimensions, including climate change, biodiversity, and human rights.

To learn more and participate in the public comment: