The Value Reporting Foundation publishes Integrated Thinking Principles

Source: The Value Reporting Foundation, 7 December 2021

The Value Reporting Foundation announced the publication of the Integrated Thinking Principles Prototype, which is one of the three key resources of the Value Reporting Foundation. The Principles provide a structured approach for considering how to create the right environment within an organization, as well as for reviewing what can, at times, go wrong.

Integrated thinking is a management philosophy for strategically assessing the resources and relationships an organization uses or affects, and the dependencies and trade-offs between them, especially in the context of organizational decision-making.

The six Integrated Thinking Principles are designed to be embedded into an organization’s business model and applied on three levels across key activities overseen by the board and managed by the senior leadership team. The Prototype is illustrated with case studies from the Value Reporting Foundation’s Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group to highlight inspiring examples of the practical application of each Principle. Download the Principles here.

Commenting on the announcement, Paul Druckman, Chair of the World Benchmarking Alliance Supervisory Board, said: “Businesses today operate in increasingly complex circumstances, including carrying more responsibilities than ever. While most forward-thinking business-leaders recognize the benefits of making integrated decisions that reflect purpose, risk and culture – weighing-up the trade-offs on the resources and relationships available to them – it is not simple to put this into practice. These Integrated Thinking Principles will help boards and management approach this in a structured way, embedding a leadership and management philosophy throughout the organization that helps deliver a sustainable future for everyone.”