Holy Grail of Integrated Reporting

Source: SustainAbility, 30 September 2009

A conversation between SustainAbility co-founder John Elkington and Jean-Philippe Renaut, who leads SustainAbility’s ‘Engaging Stakeholders’ Program.
Jean-Philippe Renaut: John, you took part in a session on integrated business reporting at Clarence House early in September. What was that about?

John Elkington: Sadly, JP, the session was subject to the Chatham House Rule, which restricts what I can say. But integrated reporting is now the ‘Holy Grail’ in corporate public disclosure. The session was significant – for me at least – because it was the first time that two of the key bodies in the reporting field, Accounting for Sustainability (founded by HRH The Prince of Wales) and the Global Reporting Initiative (where I sit on the Board) had co-hosted leading organisations involved in accountability, accounting, reporting and sustainability to look at ways to drive the future integration of the multiple reports that so many major companies now produce.

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