CSR Reporting in China study released

Source: CSR China, 16 December 2009

On 2 December, Mr. Gefei Yin, the Director of Development Centre for Chinese CSR of China WTO Tribune introduced the Research on CSR Reporting in China (2001-2009) at an international conference in Beijing.
Main findings of the research include the fact that Chinese CSR reports are drawing unprecedented attention as evidenced by the fact that 582 CSR reports in various forms were released in 2009, 3.44 times that of 2008, and that the overall performance of CSR reporting practices in China is low as about half of reports are still at the starting stage. Nevertheless, Chinese CSR Reporting has a huge potential of development and the number of reports to be published in the next years will raise dramatically, so will the quality of reports, to a level where the value of reports will be fully exploited and reflected. (Source: CSR China)