Last chance to have your say, 2 weeks to go as voting re-opens for the 2010 GRI Readers’ Choice Awards

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 22 February 2010

The Global Reporting initiative (GRI) have this week re-launched the 2010 sustainability reporting awards in a simpler, more user friendly format. Voting is now easy and quick, allowing everyone to easily shape the future of sustainability reporting.
The GRI’s Readers’ and Reporters’ Awards will now be open until the 3rd March. For the first year, readers and reporters can vote. They offer a unique opportunity to have your say and change the future of sustainability reporting.

GRI provides the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework. Sustainability reporting is now standard practice for many leading businesses. The number of sustainability reports being produced is at a record high. GRI is now aware of over 1280 reports published in 2009 representing an increase of 17% on 2008 figures.

For the first time, the GRI’s Readers’ and Reporters’ survey report will show whether reports really meet the needs of their target audiences, and more importantly, whether these reports actually change people’s views and behaviour.

Wim Bartels, Partner at KPMG Sustainability Netherlands said, “We believe that the combination of the Readers’ Survey and the Reporters’ Survey this time around will give us valuable insights about the information readers really want. We will analyze the two perspectives in order help organizations provide readers with the information they need and want.”

Helen Spoor, Consultant at the Readers’ Choice Awards Content Partner organization Futerra said: "Trust is at an all time low. By showing both sides of the story, we’re being completely transparent. Results could show a real disconnect between reporters and readers, providing the opportunity to dramatically change sustainability reporting in the future."

The awards and survey results will be announced at the 2010 Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency, to be held on 26 – 28 May 2010.

To take part in the survey as a reader or reporter, here now.