Engineers provided with tools to measure sustainability

Source: (Institution of Chemical Engineers, 21 May 2002

The Sustainability Metrics the title of a new publication launched this week at the annual Assembly of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Speaking at the launch, Robert Lowson, DEFRAs director of environmental strategy, said, We are very impressed and supportive of this initiative. The Sustainability Metrics is aimed at the process industry and means that engineers now have a quantifiable way of measuring the sustainability performance of their operating units.
The Sustainability Metrics provide a coherent set of measures to assess the impact of industrial activity. They are designed as an internal tool to help companies set targets and monitor the progress of their sustainability performance year on year. Developed by a group of leading industrials and academics, the metrics are being supported by the Chemical Industries Association, who will promote them to their member companies. The Sustainability Metrics reflect all the aspects of the triple bottom line. Although they are aimed at engineers in the chemical and process industry, they will prove useful to staff in other industries as well as those involved in teaching sustainability.

IChemE President, Dr Graham Lawson added that, Sustainability cannot be successful unless everyone in an organisation is tuned in. These metrics will aid engineers in addressing the issue of sustainable development and learn more about the broader impacts of their company operations.