European and U.S. Multinationals Place Different Emphases on Corporate Sustainability

Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers USA, 25 June 2003

Sustainability—management for the long-term vitality of the business, through attention to its economic, environmental, and social performance; its governance; and its business ethics—is receiving a high level of attention from executives of multinational companies on both sides of the Atlantic, with those based in Europe and the U.S. emphasizing differing aspects of the concept to suit their objectives and culture.
Growing Strategic Importance Beyond Europe

Although the concept of sustainability originated in Europe, it has achieved broad appeal, and is rapidly being adopted by U.S.-based multinationals. Currently, 81 percent of senior executives of large U.S.-based businesses report that sustainability practices will be essential or very
important to their companys strategic mission over the next two years—compared to 61 percent for their European counterparts.

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