December 2003 News Update of Global Reporting Initiative

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 19 December 2003

The december 2003 update of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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GRI website improvements: e-networking, text version, new material
18 December 2003
The secretariat has responded to your suggestions about how to make our website more accessible and user-friendly…

First SFP regional roundtable: A success in Brazil!
16 December 2003
The first phase of the process designed to revise the 2002 Guidelines is underway, and is known as the Structured Feedback Process (SFP)…

Health & Safety Protocols launched: Get involved!
16 December 2003
With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GRI is developing a technical protocol for each of the six health and safety indicators in the 2002 Guidelines…

Get involved with the boundaries project
16 December 2003
In recent years, reporting organisations have begun to experiment with expanding their reporting boundaries to better reflect the unique "sustainability footprint" of their organisation and its activi..

First Japanese company joins as Organisational Stakeholder: Canon
08 December 2003
GRI is pleased to welcome Canon as the first Japanese corporation to show its support for GRI’s mission by joining as an Organisational Stakeholder (OS)…

GRI reporters draw heavy SRI investment in Europe
04 December 2003
A recent analysis shows that over 50% of GRI reporters are held as investments by European SRI funds…

First Israeli reporter: Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society, Ltd.
03 December 2003
Israel’s largest transportation organisation – servicing over one million riders per day – has released a sustainability report focusing on environmental and community impacts…

Public authority sector supplement progressing
26 November 2003
A multi-stakeholder working group for the project is forming, but is not yet complete. The secretariat has conducted initial background research on public sector reporting which will be available on t..