Danes strengthen corporate reporting rules

Source: ENDS Daily, 23 October 2000

The Danish government has moved to tighten up its compulsory "green accounts" system for the most environmentally significant companies with presentation to parliament of a new bill.
One aim of the legislative changes is to link the country’s system of mandatory corporate annual environmental reports more closely to the granting of environmental permits.
(ENDS Daily 10 May). But the new legislation also widens the powers of the environmental authorities by spelling out in much more detail the obligatory content of the reports.

Environment minister Svend Auken said he hoped the changes would "enhance the informational value of green accounts for the government [and] strengthen the dialogue between the regulatory authorities and the companies".

Under the new legislation, the reports would have to show:
* internal control procedures;
* waste treatment and disposal;
* provisional preventive and remedial measures;
* any serious
complaints against the company; corporate environmental policy and concrete results of that policy;
* environmental requirements for suppliers;
* and corporate environmental
history for at least the past five years.

Comments on the environmental accounts by local and/or regulatory authorities would be published with the reports.