March 2004 Update of GRI

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 23 March 2004

The March 2004 Update of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Attention software developers: GRI issues RFP

There is wide recognition that software-based reporting tools could offer an important ‘win/win’ contribution to sustainability reporting. Such tools have significant potential to facilitate and add value to reporting based on the GRI framework. GRI will partner with a number of organisations to create a series of tools geared toward bridging the existing "delivery" gap between GRI report writers and report readers. There are three main elements to the overall reporting portal GRI is striving to create: a central reports repository, a reporting wizard, and a centre for information exchange.

At this time, GRI invites interested parties to submit proposals for the development of one or more aspects of the reporting portal. GRI has provided very basic information about the main aspects it would like developed as a way to encourage creativity and innovative thinking. Proposals are due on 27 March 2004.

Companies, shareholder groups and NGOs among new Organisational Stakeholders this month

Support for GRI’s mission continues to grow as new Organisational Stakeholders (OS) continue to roll in.

Tough questions asked on InterAct Forum

Lively new discussions are springing up on GRI’s InterAct Forum – a place for all stakeholders to meet and exchange information and ideas on sustainability reporting issues.

Asian regional roundtable: diverse inputs

With participants hailing from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea, the Asian regional roundtable was the most diverse of the SFP meetings to-date.

African regional roundtable: quality inputs

The fifth in a series of seven regional roundtables was held over two days in Johannesburg specifically for African participants.

Italian translation underway

Translation is underway for an Italian version of the Guidelines. Lead translator Sergio Caredda and a multi-stakeholder team of peer reviewers expect to have a draft ready at the end of May.

GRI on the road in March: Germany and Canada

GRI is happy to be a part of two major events coming up in March. GRI Associate Director Ralph Thurm will attend EMAN’s 2004 Conference in Lunenburg, Germany on March 4.

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