GRI News update May 2004

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 26 May 2004

May 2004 news update of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Public comments invited: Health and Safety Technical Protocol

With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GRI is developing a technical protocol for each of the six health and safety indicators in the 2002 Guidelines. This project is part of the continuing effort to build a set of technical protocols that provide GRI reporters with detailed information on definitions and compilation methodologies for individual performance indicators listed in Part C of the Guidelines.

A draft reporting protocol for the health and safety indicators is being posted to invite feedback on the document from report preparers and report information users. Comments are particularly invited on:

a. usefulness of the draft protocol as a guide for reporting on the H&S indicators in the 2002 GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines;
b. structure of the draft protocol;
c. the level of detail offered within the protocol; and
d. specific changes for wording in the protocol text.

GRI expresses its appreciation to the H&S Advisory Group and Practitioners Network for their valuable inputs to the development of this protocol.

Comments are invited from any intersted party and should arrive at the Secretariat by E-mail, fax or mail before 9 August 2004. Please submit your comments using the public comment form provided by following the link below. All comments received are considered public record.

Call for nominations: Technical Advisory Committee
25 May 2004

GRI has started a worldwide search for eight individuals to serve on its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

GRI announces partnership with Arup for Phase 1 of software development

GRI received 34 proposals from 46 companies in response to its international request for proposals (RFP) by the deadline in late …

New reporters this month: BP and Telefonica are in accordance

GRI adds 19 new reporters to its list this month, from a wide range of industry sectors. To name a few, Starbucks Coffee Co’s first effort appeared earlier this month, along with South Africa’s Anglo Gold, and the GVRD – a regional municipality in Canada.

GRI welcomes ISO’s first steps in SR field

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) today welcomed the release by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) of the report on social Responsibility prepared by its multi-stakeholder Advisory Group on Social Responsibility (SR)

Quick reference guide to major conventions cited in GRI indicators

Where possible and appropriate, some of the GRI indicators reference major international agreements and conventions, such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights, The Montreal Protocol and some ILO Conventions.