Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry (MEPI) launched it’s website

Source: SPRU - Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex, 6 December 2000

New Website Launched:

This new website presents the results of a major two-year research
project on the environmental performance of European firms in the
manufacturing industry. The European Commission-funded project developed
a practical approach to performance measurement, and collected
environmental data for 280 European companies in five industrial sectors
(book and magazine printing, electricity generation, fertiliser
manufacture, pulp and paper manufacture, and textile finishing). The
study was a collaboration between six EU research organisations,
coordinated by SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research at the
University of Sussex.
The MEPI website presents:
– a simple and transparent approach to measuring the environmental
performance of firms and production sites;
– a full description of generic and sector-specific variables for which
data was collected,
– a statistical analysis of the firm-level environmental performance;
– a benchmarking tool allowing companies to compare their environmental
performance to the performance of other European companies that operate
in the same sector; and
– a ranking of European companies according to their performance on key
environmental indicators.

The MEPI website