GRI News Update – April 2005

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 21 April 2005

April 200 news update of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
G3 Update On: Technical Protocols

The development of a standard format in which to present Technical Protocols
is one of the objectives of the G3 plan, and involves preparing a common set
of background information for all the indicators regarding the technical aspects
of answering each one.

All the report that’s fit to print
A summary print version of GRI’s first sustainabiltiy report is now available,
that contains highlights from the full online report that was launched in February.

GRI Down Under

Australia was home to two GRI events in the past month, as it was the location
for the launch of the Sector Supplement for Public Agencies and a special workshop
for OS and potential OS members in Oceania…

GRI in the News
The latest article about GRI and the G3 can be found inside Corporate Responsibility
Management (CR Management) …

GRI Reporters Win Awards
Five GRI reporters were among the winners at the latest European Sustainability
Reporting Awards (ESRA) and at the CERES-ACCA North American Awards for Sustainability

New Executive Briefing: The Future of Corporate Responsibility Codes, Standards
and Frameworks

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AccountAbility have published a new
Executive Briefing on the future of corporate responsibility codes, standards
and frameworks.

New Organisational Stakeholders

This was a busy month for our OS team, as 14 new organisations joined up, and
18 existing ones renewed their memberships.

Latest New Reporters

10 new reporters have added their reports to GRI’s database in the past month,
having used the GRI Guidelines to create their sustainability reports.

Forecasting the Future – Help Wanted!

Two new surveys have been launched around the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility
in general, and around CSR reporting specifically.

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