GRI News Update – June 2005

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 1 July 2005

News update from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), june 2005.
Continued Consultation with Investors Community

The first Investors Consultation Group meeting took place this month in London,
organised jointly by GRI and the UNEP Finance Initiative (FI).

G3 Update: Progress on the Guidelines

Hosted by Bristol-Myers Squibb in New York, the G3 Indicators Working Group met
for the second time last week.

Join the GRI Consortium for ISO 26000

ISO has embarked on its first ever multi-stakeholder standard-setting process
with the aim of creating the ISO 26000 Guideline for Social Responsibility.

Sustainability Reporting Increasing, KPMG report shows

Now Available: Guidance on setting reporting boundaries

The final Boundary Technical Protocol is ready to be used by organisations to
help determine the parameters of their reports.

Advice On: Health and Safety

The pilot version of the Health and Safety Technical Protocol is now available
for use, in conjunction with the 2002 GRI Guidelines.

New report: The state of sustainability reporting in Canada

In one of the most comprehensive national-level survey’s of reporting practices
ever published, the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada finds
that "reporting issuers, their boards, and senior management will be duty-bound
to pay greater attention to the social and environmental issues and risks."

Reporting Experiences: the BSR Compilation

As a contribution to the work being done by the G3 Reporting as a Process working
group (RPWG), Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) has produced a short paper
that draws on the reporting experience of its member companies who use the GRI
Guidelines to write their sustainability reports.

Now Open: Public comment period for the Logistics and Transportation Sector Supplement

In partnership with the Logistics & Transportation Corporate Citizenship Initiative
of the World Economic Forum (L&TCCI WEF), the GRI has coordinated the development
of a Logistics and Transportation Sector SupplementÂ…

Keep them coming: GRI Reporters this month

There were 27 new GRI reporters this month from countries all around the world,
including the first GRI reporter from the Phillipines – congratulation to the
Manila Water Company IncÂ…

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