Source: , 10 October 2005

This site has gone live as The International Corporate Environmental Reporting Site in May 1997.
Around 1997 there where some sites on the web paying attention to corporate environmental reporting (CER), but there was no overall site for CER where interested visitors could find it all together.

To fill in this gap, The International Corporate Reporting Site has been created. It focusses on the international public and is therefore in English. It also has a Dutch section for interested people from the Netherlands. Subjects as environmental performance measuring and accounting are also been covered by this site. Later on also issues as "the relation between financial institutes and the environment" and "the relation between environmental performance and shareholder value/financial results" have been added to the site.

In October 2005 the site has been restyled and renamed to [b]The International Sustainability Reporting Site[/b]. Non-financial reporting (e.g. Sustainability and CSR-reporting)is more and more the issue and has a broader perspective than only environmental reporting.

Wish you a happy tour on the site, hoping that the role and quality of Sustainability Reports will still be growing.

All relevant contributions of you are welcome!

Folkert van der Molen
Van der Molen Environmental Internet Services