Second round of the GRI Readers Choice Awards starts on 1 January 2008

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 10 December 2007

Nearly 800 sustainability reports are currently in the running for the inaugural GRI Readers Choice Awards. On December 31st the field of eligible reports will be reduced to a short-list based on reports with:
• the highest volume of scores received (not highest scores!)
• the widest diversity of scorers (employees, media, civil society, investors, management and governance, etc)

I am a reader of sustainability reports – how do I ensure the reports of interest to me make the short list?

Be sure to get your scores in before 31 December 2007. Reach out to others in your community and encourage them to score the reports of interest to you. Don’t miss this chance to send a message to the organizations you have a stake in and let them know what is good and not-so-good about their reports!

Give your opinion by going to [url][link][/url]. You have the opportunity to score a minimum of two reports. Scoring will remain open only for the short-listed reports until 31 January 2008. Winners will be announced at the Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency in Amsterdam 7-9 May 2008. The more reports you score the higher your chance of winning one of these trips.

My organization has a sustainability report in the running for the GRI Readers Choice Awards. How do I increase the chances it makes the short list?

Reach out to your stakeholders today and give them the opportunity to score your report. Whether they score it high or low you will learn new insights into what they think makes your report useful. The more scores a report gets, and the greater the diversity of scorer groups, the higher the chances of making the short list on December 31st. Only three weeks left!

If the report receives more than 20 scores, the results and an analysis will be made available to you, by GRI, after the scoring period closes.