GRI Readers Choice Awards short-list is up for scoring

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 7 January 2008

77 sustainability reports have been selected for the GRI Readers’ Choice Awards short-list. From today until 31 January readers of sustainability reports will be able to score these short-listed reports. Only short-listed reports will have the chance to win one of the nine Awards.
Readers are encouraged to score a minimum of two reports in order for their score to be valid. The scores from the first round will be added to the scores from the short-list period. The Survey has been made optional, but readers are invited to complete it, if they have not already done so. The results of the Survey will give an insight in sustainability reporting in general.

Reporting companies that have been short-listed are invited to promote the scoring of their sustainability report. Awards will be given out in five stakeholder categories. Companies should be sure to involve as many different stakeholders as possible to give them feedback on their report. If a report receives more than twenty valid scores, the company will be able to receive the results and a brief analysis about the scores they have received.