GRI research published on sustainability reporting trends in the food processing sector

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 7 March 2008

A survey on the trends in sustainability reporting among food processing companies has just been released by GRI. The research has uncovered a number of sector specific issues that regularly appear in reports but are not currently covered in the GRI Guidelines and should be considered for inclusion through a Sector Supplement. The study identified that sourcing and supply chain issues, food safety, health and nutrition, packaging, transportation, environmental aspects of agriculture and animal welfare were all high frequency themes covered in food processing sector sustainability reports published in 2006.
The survey included an overview of the 60 food processing reports for 2006 and an examination of reporting trends among a sample of 20 food processing reporters. This research will be used as a resource for the development of the Food Processing Sector Supplement, which is currently underway and is expected to be launched in 2010.

Download the report (pdf)