Daimler Chrysler presenteert milieurapport 2004

Source: AutoZine, 24 June 2004

DaimlerChrysler heeft het afgelopen jaar ca. 1,8 miljard euro geinvesteerd in de bescherming van het milieu. Dit blijkt uit het milieujaarverslag dat de onderneming in Berlijn heeft gepresenteerd. Het grootste deel van dit bedrag werd besteed aan het onderzoek naar >>> read more

New AA1000 Assurance Standard Practitioners Note released

Source: AccountAbility, 24 June 2004

AccountAbility is pleased to announce the release of the latest AA1000 Assurance Standard Practitioners Note. This Practitioners Note was produced from a consultation with representatives from companies, assurance providers, non-governmental organisations, and government in Johannesburg, South Africa. AccountAbility has been >>> read more

European Corporate Sustainability Framework (ECSF) ready

Source: ECSF, 18 June 2004

The European Commission /European Social Fund, an international consortium of academics, consultants and quality experts have developed a new generation management framework, and a set of stakeholder oriented (measurement) tools. This ECSF framework is able to support companies in demonstrating >>> read more

Media must improve accountability for brain print

Source: Sustainability, 17 June 2004

A new report by SustainAbility and WWF-UK, Through the Looking Glass: Corporate Responsibility in the Media & Entertainment Sector, calls for media and entertainment companies to be more transparent and accountable for their brain print on society. The biggest players >>> read more