Biodiversity: the Next Investor Demand for Companies, New Study by Leaders Arena

Source: Leaders Arena, 23 February 2021

Leaders Arena ESG Advisory Services has released a Biodiversity Reporting study which uncovers the extent to which companies are reporting on the topic of biodiversity within their sustainability reporting. Companies can leverage these insights to help improve ESG communication and address investor demands. Given the mounting evidence of the systemic risks associated with biodiversity-loss recently highlighted by the Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity commissioned by the UK government, a growing number of investors are considering this topic within their investment process. Leaders Arena’s research finds that investors managing over $7tn in equity assets consider biodiversity issues to some extent. Some of these high-profile investors include Allianz Global Investors, BNP Paribas Asset Management, California Public Employees’ Retirement System and Norges Bank Investment Management among many others.

The study looks at the top 100 largest US and European companies’ sustainability and integrated reports. It finds that just 32% of companies are disclosing on biodiversity initiatives within their business operations such as considering the biodiversity impacts of their supply chain or business practices.

Using the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) metrics as a guide, they found gaps within the industries where biodiversity has been identified as material. The study follows SASB’s industry classifications to highlight disclosure gaps in industries such as Transportation and Services.

“With biodiversity rising as a priority for a growing number of investors, our study can help companies consider improving their disclosures and ensuring this topic is part of their overall ESG equity story,” says Miguel Santisteve, Leaders Arena’s CEO.

Link to the Biodiversity Reporting Study:

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