Integrated Reporting: Solution to a Global Reporting Challenge

Source: Huffington Post, 4 March 2016

In an age of disclosure overload the term “integrated report” may be met with hesitation. Countless corporate reports with numerous data points on varying issues sit stacked on shelves in offices around the world. No doubt, these publications are the result of much time and expense. But are companies communicating their strategy, performance and impacts in a way that’s clear and meaningful? In many cases, the answer is no. But if adopted and embedded within mainstream business practices, Integrated Reporting can change this.

Nowadays, there is a recognition that value creation relies on more than just financials. In the past, the stocks of value reported on by an organization would have included, principally, the land, buildings, equipment and inventory owned by the business. For many companies, the foundation of their value creation potential lies in their ability to attract talent, generate ideas and build strong brands that sustain customer loyalty and trust.

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