Measuring What Matters: The Power of KPIs to Advance Sustainability

Source: Huffington Post, 20 April 2017

“If everything is important, then nothing is.” This quote from Patrick Lencioni illuminates the heart of the problem with today’s sustainability reporting practices. Too many seasoned organizations are still struggling to focus their reporting on the impacts that matter most. And companies that have not yet started reporting are discouraged from doing so, when they consider the panoply of topics and disclosures they may need to report on.

When it comes to the disclosure of non-financial information, it’s understandable that many businesses come begrudgingly to table. Companies are being asked to investigate, evaluate and report on a vast array to topics under the rubric of sustainability. With the serious issues facing our world and the very urgent challenge of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this reticence hinders progress.

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