Non-financial reporting no longer a secondary consideration in CEE

Source: Emerging Europe, 7 April 2016

The number of non-financial reports is growing and according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), around 5,000 sustainability reports enter the global market, annually with 40 per cent out of those coming from Europe. A group of strong leaders, in non-financial reporting, has already been established in Central and Eastern Europe. The Deloitte CE Top 500 ranks the largest companies from CEE countries and 109 of them already have some form of non-financial reporting in place or at least will report non-financial data for 2015.

“A corporate social responsibility report (CSR) should be viewed as the calling card of an organisation. Its purpose is to begin a conversation with investors, clients, employees and business partners, and to engage stakeholders in delving deeper into the culture and environment of a company and to encourage them to ask questions,” says Irena Pichola, a Deloitte partner and the Leader of Sustainability Consulting Central Europe.

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