More Companies Publish CSR Reports in China Last Year

Source: RedNet.CN, 17 April 2009

As of the end of 2008, more than 190 companies in China, including some foreign-funded firms, have published their annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports — compared with 19 in 2006, according to China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) at its annual conference this week.
Wang Jiming, executive president of the CBCSD, attributed the gain to the advocacy of CSR reports among domestic companies since the founding of the organization in January 2004.

@@The CBCSD has held four special workshops on the writing of the CSR report as well as four workshops on the new trends of sustainable development over the past four years, said Wang at the annual conference of the Board of the CBCSD. In 2009, more domestic companies are expected to issue their annual CSR reports, he said.

@@In his speech, the CBCSD president looked back at the past year, when China met rare, historic challenges in 2008, referring to catastrophic May 12 Earthquake in Sichuan and its neighboring provinces and the Beijing Olympic Games.

@@CBCSD members have made more than 91 million yuan (13.3 million U.S. dollars) worth of donations, in cash or kind, to the earthquake-affected areas, Wang said.

@@According to CBCSD president, in 2008 CBCSD members carried out a number of programs in the fields of environmental protection and industrial safety.

@@Thanks to the efforts made by the CBCSD, China had more cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries and international organizations in the promotion of the CSR concept worldwide, according to the CBCSD leader.