Are Sustainability Reports Really That Bad?

Source: Sustainable Business Forum, 13 December 2011

The shock-horror headline "Howlers and omissions exposed in world of corporate social responsibility" which first appeared in the Guardian on 24th November 2011, and then rapidly did the rounds of all online CSR news and information sites, morphing into "Lies, damn lies and CSR" by the time it got to the following day, alerted us to an important discussion which appears to have been somewhat sidelined in the efforts to mainstream sustainability reporting. The discussion about the quality of reports. Despite the fact that sustainability reporting is now the "de facto" law for business, as pronounced by KPMG in their 2011 survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting, this is not an invitation to rest on our laurels. For mainstream reporting to become credible reporting, it needs to be … well, credible. That means accurate, verifiable, consistent and clear.
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