Pre-Publication Release of new GRI guidelines

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 12 August 2002

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)announced the availability of the
Pre-Publication Release of the 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines on
the Global Reporting Initiative web site
This Pre-Publication Release is made available to all parties prior to the
formal launch of the Final 2002 GRI Guidelines on 31 August 2002 at the
World Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Final Guidelines will not
change in substance, but is subject to minor editorial modifications. We
feel it is essential to make this Pre-Publication Release available
immediately to the many organisations that are awaiting the 2002 Guidelines
to use during preparation of their next sustainability reports.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend GRI’s sincerest appreciation
to the hundreds of colleagues worldwide who contributed to this major
enhancement of the Guidelines. As the Guidelines Preface observes, the new
Guidelines mark a major milestone in the evolution of GRI as both an
institution and as a reporting framework. We invite all parties to join our "work in progress" by participating in working groups, structured feedback,
conferences and briefings, and other forms of engagement. Such engagement is
key to GRI’s continuing vitality, learning, and leadership.

Download the new guidelines (pdf)