New BSR-report: "Designing a CSR structure"

Source: BSR, 21 August 2002

As companies get more sophisticated about corporate social responsibility, they are forging new ground in their efforts to establish effective CSR structures that support their efforts. There is growing demand for information, company examples and advice about what works and what doesnt in setting up a CSR structure. Board members, executive management and staff at all levels are interested in knowing more about the process of deciding what CSR structure is right for their companies and in looking at specific issues such as buy-in, alignment, staffing, outside expertise and resource allocation.

BSR’s new report, Designing a CSR Structure, walks through the steps necessary for a company to consider and set up an internal management system aimed at integrating CSR into the entire company’s organization and culture.
Through the use of questions, decision-making tools and company examples, Designing a CSR Structure:

-Helps companies understand how a CSR structure supports overall CSR management system development
-Outlines the steps a company can take to build an effective structure that aligns key issues, stakeholders, motivations, functions, staff roles and responsibilities, and resources
-Shares company examples of effective CSR structure
-Provides practical tools to work through the decision-making process