New CSR guide for the energy industry

Source:, 26 September 2002

FINERGY, a consortium of Finnish energy companies, has published industry-specific guidelines and tools for better Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management.
Inspired by the European Commission’s Green Paper on CSR, the Finnish Energy Industries Federation (FINERGY) has recently published a business guide, titled "Corporate Social Responsibility of the energy industry". The 20-page document discusses the importance of the energy industry in Finland, the corporate social responsibility of the energy sector, CSR management and reporting, as well as the importance of interaction with stakeholders.
The guide builds on the three-pillar model for sustainable development and divides corporate responsibility into economic, environmental and social components. The text emphasises the importance of good reputation as a tool to attract customers, the best employees, as well as investors. While the guide underlines the crucial role of energy companies in creating social welfare, it also draws attention to the fact that better acceptability of the energy industry should be enhanced by regular interaction with the stakeholders.

Download the guideline in english (pdf)