Draft Australian Standard on Corporate Social responsibility published

Source: Standards Australia, 19 February 2003

Standards Australia International have released a Draft for Public Comment Australian Standard on Corporate Social responsibility (DR 03028).
Comments are due on 28 February and an electronic version of the Comment form can be downloaded from https://committees.standards.com.au/COMMITTEES/MB-004 For further information the contact person is Trevor Sharpham who can be contacted by email on trevor.Sharpham@standards.com.au or by fax on +61 2 8206 6016

The standard sets out some essential elements of CSR in section 2, 3 &4 covering Structural issues ( the basic infrastructure an organisation needs for a CSR system), Operational issues, which, as the name suggests, is what it is needed to get the system up and running and then a Maintenace section to ensure that the whole system is kept in good running order.

Sections 2-4 are written in performance outcomes language to allow scope for flexibility and innovation in what is a newly emerging and dynamic activity. Section 5 sets out some guidelines on how an organisation may be able to achieve the outcomes set out in the earlier sections.

Download the electronic version