New consultation version of the SIGMA project published

Source: SigmaProject, 22 May 2003

The SIGMA Project is a collaborative project that has been working to develop practical guidelines for organisations to help them make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development.

A new consultation version of the SIGMA guidelines has just been published on their website.
Our guidelines have been developed through research, consultation and practical piloting with organisations. They consist of a set of principles to guide decisions on sustainability, a anagement framework and a toolkit to support the management framework.

The guidelines come in two versions:

· An introductory overview (32 pages). This is aimed at anyone interested in the contribution organisations can make to sustainable development.

· A practitioners guide (c 90 pages) (This contains all the information in the Overview plus detailed explanation of the management framework). Focused on practical details it is of particular value to those managers who are responsible for directing, planning or implementing sustainable
approached in their organisations.

We are working to finalise the SIGMA toolkit which will also be made available on our website. This is designed to help organisations with specific challenges.

We are keen to have feedback to enhance the rigour of the guidelines, so we would welcome your comments.

Download the Practitioners guide
Download the overview of the guidelines