Survey of CSR Reporting by the Largest Listed Companies in Central and Eastern Europe

Source: East-West Management Institute, 8 September 2003

Intern Amanda Schneier conducted the PFS Programs first Survey of Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the 10 Largest Listed Companies (by market capitalization) in Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The survey investigates companies disclosures on a range of CSR issues as of August 15, 2003.
Encompassing accounting standards, corporate governance, environmental policies and social policies, the survey analyzes corporate reporting on matters that previously might not have been considered essential. However, as the above-mentioned countries enter the European Union (EU), listed companies will come under the tighter scrutiny of EU disclosure requirements about these issues. Also, in a more global marketplace, listed companies will face more CSR-conscious investors and consumers.

This inaugural survey is designed to inform investors, listed companies, the public-at-large and regulators by providing a regional overview of current disclosure practices and facilitating an easy comparison of best practices. Via hyperlinks, a reader can move from the database directly into a companys website and/or annual report to see how and where the specific information is disclosed. The survey should also enable the benchmarking of reporting in these countries against other countries in the EU and elsewhere.

Hungary and Poland are not covered in this survey. PFS Program grants to research institutions in those countries are currently co-financing similar surveys of all listed companies in those countries. That research, and a similar survey of all Czech listed companies, also co-financed by a PFS Program grant, will be published on this page in autumn 2003.

Download the results of the Survey (Powerpoint)