Air France wins 2003 Prize for best Environmental Report

Source: AirFrance, 8 December 2003

The jury of the fourth edition of the "Trophée de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables", which this year is rewarding the quality of published environmental and social information, has chosen Air France to receive the 2003 Prize for the Best Environmental Report.
Generally, this prize is awarded for the best initiatives undertaken by national companies in terms of information and communication on profitable development.
Air France’s Environmental Report, described by the jury as "clear, informative and dealing openly with real problems", has been chosen to represent France at the European Sustainability Reporting Awards.

The 2003 Prize was presented to Jacques Pichot, Secretary General of Air France, by Pierre Marcenac, Chairman of the jury, at a ceremony at the "Musée des Arts et Métiers" in Paris, on Thursday 4 December.