GRI Mining and Metals Sector Supplement available for public comment

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 8 June 2004

In 2003 GRI and the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) convened a multi-stakeholder working group with the purpose of developing a Mining and Metals Sector Supplement to the 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

A draft of the Supplement is now available for public comment. GRI and ICMM welcome all suggestions on how to improve the document, and, in particular, any proposals on the specific wording of indicators, where deemed necessary or appropriate. Please use the public comment form provided by following the links below which has been designed to assist stakeholders to prepare their replies. All comments must be received by 23 August 2004.
With the goal of illustrating how the Supplement fits in the context of the overall GRI reporting framework it is presented here in a new format. GRI has prepared an abridged version of the 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines that integrates the draft Mining and Metals Supplement to facilitate ease of use for reviewers and practitioners.

All comments received will be considered available for the public record. The working group will meet again in September 2004 to review the comments received and revise the Supplement so it may be released as a pilot later in the year.

Read the draft