GRI prepares it’s own sustainability report: have your say today!

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 29 July 2004

What you would like to see in GRI’s first sustainability report? As a member of GRI’s international network you are an important stakeholder in the organisation.
We value your thoughts on the general parameters we have set for the report –
which include key decisions around issues such as boundaries, presentation, assurance and engagement. You are invited to submit your responses to a concise six-question
survey on these issues. It will take less than 60 seconds to fill out, and your responses will remain anonymous. This short six-question survey will help us assess whether or not we are meeting your expectations.
For those interested in more detailed discussion on any of the six topics covered in the survey, join GRI and other stakeholders in the InterAct Forum for an open, inclusive and lively discussion on some of the key questions GRI must tackle during the preparation of a sustainability report.

Your survey responses are due by 1 September 2004. InterAct Forum discussions will be on going. GRI will notify you of other feedback opportunities between now and November, the expected release date for GRI’s first sustainability report.

Fill in the questionnaire
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