Launch of GRI’s first sustainability report

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 4 February 2005

A Taste of our Own Guidelines: the very first GRI-GRI report
GRI has launched its first sustainability report, produced using its own reporting
Guidelines. With a mission of developing and disseminating globally applicable
Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, we knew the time had come to use them ourselves!
At a time when we were in only our second year of operation, the process of reporting helped us to evaluate the development of our policies, procedures, and management system, and was essential in helping us to develop plans to further build the GRI as an institution.

As well, the theme of the 2003-2004 report – "It’s not enough to just BE" – emerged from our analysis and was one of our key discoveries — that although our organisation is dedicated to sustainable development and sustainability reporting, we had been neglecting to ensure that the development of our own organisation was being
done in a systematically sustainable fashion.
The resulting report thus reflects both our desire to communicate the story of GRI as an organisation, and to share our journey through the reporting process.

We hope that after reading our first attempt, you will be able to provide us with your thoughts on how our future reports can be improved. GRI is listening!

Our thanks go to Deutsche Bank for their support of this project, and to all who contributed to its development. GRI would like to recognized all the many stakeholders who participated in giving feedback, the review team of sustainability assurance experts, and everyone in the GRI network that was involved in the production
of its first sustainability report.

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