GRI july/august news update

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 22 July 2005

July/august news update of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Leading Companies Come Together to Invest in GRI’s G3 project
19 July 2005

Amsterdam, 19 July 2005 – Leading Fortune 1000 global companies in major industry
sectors have announced their investment in the Global Reporting Initiative’s
project to deliver the Third Generation …

Hold the date! G3 Guidelines Launch Oct 2006
15 July 2005

The long process of updating the Guidelines will result in their launch in October
of next year. GRI is planning a major international symposium to mark the event…

Giving the Guidelines a face lift: have your say in their future format
20 July 2005

GRI wants your opinion on how the G3 Guidelines should be presented when released
in October 2006.

Your comments due by 18 August: Logistics and Transportation Sector Supplement
20 July 2005

In partnership with the Logistics & Transportation Corporate Citizenship Initiative
of the World Economic Forum (L&TCCI WEF),..

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