GRI working group releases the GRI Financial Services Sector Supplement for a 3 month public comment phase

Source: UNEP FI, 16 October 2007

Since 2006, UNEP Finance Initiative and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have jointly coordinated a working group to pilot and review the draft versions of the GRI Financial Services Sector Supplement (Environmental and Social Performance).

s part of this piloting process, the working group has tested and reviewed the environmental and social performance indicators. During this process, the working group has succeeded in:

• Refining the existing indicators
• Reducing the number of indicators through eliminating overlaps with the G3 Guidelines
• Developing technical guidance notes for all indicators in the Supplement
• Undertaking research on relevant social topics for reporting in the financial sector and
developing respective new indicators
• Merging the environmental and social indicator set into one Financial Services Sector Supplement
• Adapting the Supplement to the structure of the G3 Guidelines

The revised Supplement including all these changes is now available for public comment until 10 January, 2008. The UNEP FI – GRI working group welcomes your feedback on the changes made.

The new Supplement and the response form are available for download at: