Cross-Cutting Themes: new report WBCSD

Source: WBCSD, 21 May 2003

The WBCSD’s brand new publication, Cross-Cutting Themes, zeroes in on six topics that are shaping the sustainability agenda – Eco-Efficiency, Innovation & Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ecosystems, Sustainability & Markets, and Risk. The WBCSD is using the term Cross-Cutting Themes >>> read more

US Nonprofits: Not So Transparent

Source: Washington Post, 16 May 2003

There has been a big push over the past year to get corporations to be more honest with shareholders, so far with only modest success. While companies now disclose more details about off-balance-sheet transactions and derivatives risk, annual reports still >>> read more

Ethical goals will not stop criticism of business

Source: Financial Times, 15 May 2003

Corporate social responsibility is a growth industry. Hundreds of big companies are now producing "sustainability" or "triple bottom line" reports. New standards, guidelines or indices on CSR appear almost weekly. All these efforts are well meaning, of course. But the >>> read more

Australian Sustainability Reporting Awards Flurry

Source: Ethical investor, 14 May 2003

Around 26 companies have entered the first triple bottom line reporting competition to be staged in Australia by the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA). The ACCA will announce the winners of five awards, including commendations, in three categories: >>> read more

CSR is part of HR agenda

Source: Human Resource Centre, 5 May 2003

A new paper from people management experts, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), argues that if it is to be credible, corporate social responsibility (CSR) must be positioned as a strategic issue for organisations and human resources specialists >>> read more

GRI Update April 2003

Source: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), 3 May 2003

April 2003 update from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): * Message from the Chair * First Two Pilot Protocols Released * 24 Additional Members Named to Stakeholder Council * Guidelines from OECD and GRI Seen as Complementary * GRI Reporters >>> read more