New report: Virtual Sustainability, Using the internet to implement the triple bottom line

Source: Sustainability/UNEP, 11 December 2001

Sustainability and UNEP published a new report in the Engaging Stakeholders Reports serie about sustainability reporting on the web: "Virtual Sustainability".
The internet is changing societies, companies and our planet. By understanding the information on the web and how people use it, we can build more creative, engaged, accountable corporations. ‘Virtual Sustainability’ explores this universe and offers a powerful agenda for triple bottom line responsibility in the internet age from three different perspectives:
The Reporting Web explores online sustainability reporting issues, techniques and processes. We look at the rationale for internet reporting, the processes to go through and the design choices companies face. Our survey of corporate websites brings reporting to life – with best practice examples from leading companies and recommendations for those wanting to publish online reports.
The Stakeholder Web examines how the web has changed stakeholder interactions, helping stakeholders better understand each other’s needs.

The Wider Web, assesses how the pursuit of sustainability on the web has given a new twist to some of the longest standing social change issues, and how these potentially affect business today.
The report argues that most corporations still fail to capture the
opportunities for engagement and transparency offered by the web and highlights other challenges such as the ‘digital divide’.