Canadian Business for Social Responsibility Releases GoodCompany Guidelines

Source: Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, 12 June 2002

As market forces and market failures provoke demands for greater corporate responsibility, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) announces the public release of the first corporate accountability tool of its kind in Canada The GoodCompany Guidelines. These guidelines enable companies to assess, improve and report on their social, environmental and financial performance.
Consumers today want proof that a company deserves their trust and their investment, says Adine Mees, Executive Director of CBSR. The GoodCompany Guidelines are a practical tool that enable companies to pinpoint their performance gaps, develop policies to address them and report back to their stakeholders. The result is clearer accountability and enhanced brand.

CBSR members such as BC Hydro, Suncor Energy Inc. and Coast Capital Savings Credit Union have already seen value in the GoodCompany Guidelines and put them to work.

"As we move towards becoming a sustainable energy company, we understand the challenges companies face in working to implement corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives," said BC Hydro Senior Vice-president of Strategic Planning and Sustainability, Bruce Sampson. "This tool has helped us and will help many Canadian businesses as they seek guidance in this area."

These guidelines have proven to be a valuable addition to our toolkit as we work to improve corporate social responsibility through our supplier relationships, says Darlene Crowell, Suncor Media Relations Manager. The GoodCompany Guidelines are user friendly and provide an easy checklist to get you started. We recommend them.

This is a clear, concise, credible tool that makes corporate social responsibility both understandable and doable, says Lorne DeLarge, Vice President of Marketing and Community at Coast Capital Savings Credit Union. Were using the Guidelines to inform both our short and long term planning. We recommend them to any company that wants to make a measurable difference.

Companies can implement the CBSR GoodCompany Guidelines independently or use them in conjunction with CBSRs Advisory Services. CBSR experts offer practical and tactical approaches to implementing corporate social responsibility including assessments, gap analyses, best practice research, recommendations for improvement and sustainability reporting.

CBSR is developing a series of workshops available in July that will use case studies of the GoodCompany Guidelines. For information call 604-323-2714 or visit the CBSR Web site at

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility is a network of innovative companies working to improve their social, environmental and financial performance. Publication of the GoodCompany Guidelines is sponsored by BC Hydro.

Download a summary of the guidelines (pdf)