Global Reporting Initiative launched G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

Source: Global Reporting Initiative, 23 March 2011

The most comprehensive and complete sustainability reporting guidance is now available, as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) launches its G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines today (23 March 2011).
GRI is a network-based non-governmental organization that aims to make sustainability reporting common practice. GRI produces the world’s most widely used Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to enable the drive towards greater transparency. GRI is committed to continuously improving and increasing the use of the Guidelines, which are freely available to the public.

An increasing number of companies are producing reports on their non-financial performance, enabling their stakeholders to understand the company’s impact on the economy, the environment and on society.

The guidance released today is the completion of GRI’s current generation of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The G3.1 Guidelines feature up to date guidance on issues that are critical in today’s society – human rights, gender and community.

GRI is also launching guidance to help companies determine what to measure and report on. The Technical Protocol – Applying the Report Content Principles will enable organizations to produce relevant reports more easily.

Nelmara Arbex, Deputy Chief Executive of the Global Reporting Initiative, said: “We are very pleased to be launching the GRI G3.1 Guidelines today. Another important achievement is the new Technical Protocol, which will help companies determine what to report on. Together, the Protocol and the new guidance in G3.1 will enable all organizations to be transparent about a wide range of important, but often neglected, issues.”

Organizations that are already reporting on their sustainability performance are entitled to use the current G3 Guidelines or the updated G3.1 Guidelines. Both versions remain valid until the next generation of GRI Guidelines is in place. This next generation is due to be launched in 2013 and will be the only valid version of the Guidelines in 2015.

While G3-based reporting remains valid, GRI recommends that reporters use G3.1, the most comprehensive reporting guidance available today. G3.1 enables organizations to be transparent about a wider range of sustainability issues. New reporters should begin their reporting journey by following G3.1.

GRI is currently planning updates to its support materials, including Learning Publications, in line with the updated Guidelines. G3.1 will be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese, and these versions are expected to be ready later this year.

Download the G3.1 Guidelines