Responding to the Leadership Challenge: CEO Survey on Global Corporate Citizenship

Source: World Economic Forum, 5 February 2003

In preparation for the World Economic Forums Annual Meeting 2003, the Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative (GCCI) conducted a survey with selected signatory CEOs of the CEO Statement on Corporate Citizenship. Offering insight from 18 different industry sectors and more than 16 different countries.
Key messages from the survey:

1. The power of personal leadership: The role of the chief executive as a champion of corporate values and as a consensus builder is more central and critical than ever.
2. A growing link with corporate governance: Most of the companies surveyed have established governance structures and processes at the board level or senior executive level to monitor the companys wider social, economic and environmental performance.
3. A major emphasis on internal processes: 90% of the CEOs listed the internal communication of values and policies as a key tool in embedding corporate citizenship.
4. A challenge for companies everywhere: Regardless of the culture and ownership structure, a values-based approach to leadership emerges as a common aspiration. Some of the most innovative practices are being undertaken in developing countries.
5. Strength in collective action: Almost all of the CEO respondents are personally involved in collaborative efforts addressing specific challenges of corporate responsibility or governance that cannot be tackled alone.

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