WorkCover SA tells companies TBL reporting pays

Source: Ethical investor, 9 April 2003

South Australias WorkCover Corporation has written to Australias 300 largest companies urging them to publicly report on their social and environmental policies and performance using SIRIS online reporting service.

WorkCover SAs chief executive, Geoff Davey, has written the letter to the chairpersons of the top 300 companies, urging them to take "the investment benefits" of triple bottom line reporting and managing.

He writes that WorkCover "takes an active interest in our investments and believe management approaches to governance and sustainability impact financial performance".

WorkCover SA has about $650 million in investments, outsourced to funds managers.
The corporation has also been working with the Sustainable Investment Research Institute (SIRIS), companies and other investors to develop a streamlined online corporate social responsibility reporting mechanism for companies called Sustainability Reporter.

The thinking behind the development of the online reporting system was to minimise the increasing number of lengthy questionnaires sent to companies by organisations seeking to gauge companies social and environmental performance.

In his letter to listed companies, Davey urges them to report on their triple bottom line performance using Sustainability Reporter.

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